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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nicole Richie & Anorexia

This blog is trying to die but I just won't let it. It WILL live on... and will continue to live up to its non-existant reputation.

I see Nicole Richie everywhere. She is on every magazine cover, she's all over the press, she haunts my TV in reruns of The Simple Life. But before she was "Nicole Richie" she was "Paris's fat friend" or "the daughter of that singer from the 80s". Now she's everywhere!! And although many people would say "oh she's famous for nothing"... I disagree. She's really funny. And pretty and all that. But why NOW... WAYYYYYYYYYYY after her big breakout on The Simple Life when, to be quite honest, she appears to be doing NOTHING is she so BIG? Good publicist? Yes. She's got that. But I chalk up her recent rise to super stardom TooOOOoooOOOooOOoO...... her anorexia. Downgrade.

She is popular because she is skinny. SICKLY skinny. She was always pretty and she was always funny. BUT NOW SHE'S DEATHLY ILL. Time to celebrate and put her on the cover of every major fashion mag. Right next to Lindsay Lohan. Now this is a worn out question... but I have yet to receive a sufficient answer. How can America's young women learn to respect their bodies if they are constantly being bombarded with images of the ill masquarading as healthy, vibrant women? It's insanity!!! I see no end in sight and no solutions. I find it twisted and perverse that fashion magazines have cover stories like "53 Reasons Why Your Body is Perfect" when really, their choice to display Nicole on the cover communicates just the opposite. Talk about mixed signals.

Thin may always be "in".... but how can we help make sickly OUT? Yep, I'm mad about it. I understand the importance of keeping a nice figure when you are in the public eye. And I am all for keeping thin and fit. But unhealthy woman should not be lauded for their unhealthiness. It's just sick.

Ok, so this has just about become the most random blog ever. I leave for three months and then come back bitching about Nicole Richie of all people....

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