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Amanda UnBoomed

Sunday, January 23, 2005

My First Personal Vlog

I had been thinking about starting my own personal vlog for a while… but Vloggercon really inspired me to get on it. So here is a little video of me and my cat. This video is a response to Jay’s one from however long ago that was. The fact is I LOVE cats and think that videos of girls and their cats are totally awesome additions to the vlogging community. That kind of content is just not very rocketboom-esque, I guess, was the point of my comment on that particular episode of the Boom.

No promises with this…. but, it is truly “me”…. Or, I don’t know, I feel weird saying that. My cat, however, acknowledges that the below video is not really him, but instead a polished version of himself.

Oh, sorry the lighting sucks during some parts. I’ve learned my lesson for next time… probably.