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Monday, July 31, 2006

A Video for Zadi and Steve

Here's a little video Mario and I made for Zadi and Steve... I tried to do my best "voiceover" voice... hehe. The icky power lines kinda suck though, ah well.

If you look hard, you can see Andrew Congdon's foot which made a cameo.

You guys have such a bright future ahead!

wmv version is here.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fearless Foursome

I've been having such a blast here in San Jose. Here's a pic of Steve, me, Zadi and Melanie taken last night at the pool party.

If you have a sec, check out this article in The Wall Street Journal, "Moguls of New Media".

Friday, July 28, 2006

A New Fact That Reveals All, ugh....

I'm bored of this. Really. It's getting older than old. But this new fact is pretty f-ing telling.

So I'm here at BlogHer, having a terrific time, meeting some amazing women... hanging with cool cats like Millie Garfield.

And then I receive this message on my blackberry from a longtime viewer: "Drew shot a videoblog with [refers to Ms. Colan] on July 4th, the day before you put up your vid announcing how he pushed you out of RB". Of course, he just uploaded this "lost episode" recently, since he hasn't been able to keep RB on schedule ( is now directed to

Not to harp on this but it raises a critical question... The Baron has claimed publicly that he "never imagined Rocketboom with out me" until he saw my video on July 5th. If that’s true, why would he have shot this with Joanne on July 4th?

Seems The Baron has shown his true colors... and the plan he had all along. All his lies finally bit him in the ass! I wonder how long he had been grooming her face to replace mine.

Facts do win in the end, I guess. As for me? I'm moving on. I believe this will be my final post about the boom. And look for this website to be redirected to a new page (minus the boom reference) very shortly. Onwards and upwards would be a gross understatement. I’ve made some insanely delicious lemonade! I’m sure glad, though, that the whole truth finally reared its ugly head. I always knew it, of course... but now it's in plain sight for everybody to see.

LATER: I see this great Dixie Chicks video. Cool that Columbia Records is making it so easy for me to see it!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A New Assignment, Oh... My... God

Jay Rosen has developed an exciting new idea that the new media glitterati (doc, winer, jarvis, steve, craig) are all buzzing about. It's a totally fresh concept. I love it. What's even more awesome? Jay is using the community to iron out the kinks before he launches the effort. Smart.

My concerns (which I left in a comment on Buzz Machine):

I’m with Brett on cutting as many middlemen out as possible. Can the community be the editors? Can we develop some kind of efficient process for that?

I also question Jay’s point about having “professional” journalists do the reporting. I’d personally like to see a mix of reporters, both “professionals” and “amateurs”. My guess is that the community will either respond to the person, or not. It has little to do with their title or background. If they trust the person, and that person is smart and engaging…that’ll be what counts. Let’s not just leave this to the “professionals”. If we do that, we’re missing the whole point.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Where Are They Now?

experiments + comedy + love + videoblog = ov lov

.wmv is now available***


mario librandi, ze frank, james congdon, sandra congdon, andrew congdon, and me.


moonspider - dark star

psystamp - dreams nonstop
ehma - l'arrivée

Please do not upload my videos to YouTube or any other video hosting site that reserves the right to make commercial works out of other people's vids. This video falls under the creative common non-commercial sharealike license. Thanks for understanding.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The WB's Loss is NBC's Gain

Jeff -- yes, he only needs one name -- points me to this video:

Wise choice, NBC. Those guys are funny (and hot).

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

BlogHer Calling

Lisa Stone, co-founder of BlogHer, who I spoke with on a new media panel at Harvard last fall, has been kind enough to invite me to BlogHer. I think it may be just what I need after all the crap that has gone down... a little camaraderie with some other strong women.

I am totally psyched to see Zadi Diaz, Steve Woolf and Steve & Millie Garfield. Also-- and this is why I am super psyched-- for once I'm going to an event and I don't have the pressure of having to present. I can just have fun with "the ladies". Yay!

On a side note, my bud, Andy Carvin emailed me a link to this video today which was made by a group of inner-city students. He has posted some background info about the project here. I wanted to share it with all of you. It's really powerful. I just can't tell you how excited it makes me to see videoblogging enabling all these new voices. By "new" I guess I mean voices that can no longer be lost in the ether...

Speaking of things lost in the ether, the current Rocketboom comment deletion level is at ORANGE.

Monday, July 17, 2006

White People Can't Dance

My oldest friend got married about a week ago:

Isn't she beautiful? They both are... on the inside and out. I was one of her bridesmaids. She is Baha'i and in their religion the bride and groom marry each other-- no middleman. Just when you thought you were safe, new media has infiltrated the wedding process... well, no, not really... the Baha'i faith is a couple hundred years old... but, I like to think of it that way. It was a very intense ceremony to watch, and certainly the most moving wedding that I've ever been to by far.

Then there was the reception later on...
Oh my lord. This video is incriminating. It's of me dancing with my dad, white person style. I thought I'd put it out there before it somehow gets leaked. ;)

: white people on the internet are closer than they appear on television...

ipod version

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What the hell am I doing?

SHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's a secret. Uh, no, it's not. I'm still figuring out my long term plans. For now, I can tell you that I am working on an *interim* project with a certain insanely awesome videoblogger. We should post it next week.

For now, check out this beautiful entry by Ironic1. Ironic1 always left very insightful comments on the RB comment board. Enabling those kind of connections is what makes videoblogging so freaking outta control amazing to me.

I've learned a lot and continue to learn from Robert Scoble (both on and offline-- and whether he knows it or not) about how to build a strong relationship with my viewers/friends. He's nailed that, in my opinion. I hope to continue communicating with all of you just as he communicates with his audience.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Dilly

The AP (covered in The Washington Post and on among many others)
BusinessWeek Online
New York Times
New York Times #2

My appearance on MSNBC's Scarborough Country I am told should air tonight... but you know how the news is... things get moved around. That's the latest word anyway.

UPDATE!! .mov version now available thanks to eggzakt. You rock man! Now the suckfest that is IE cannot control our viewing pleasure (or displeasure for that matter) any longer! Hi res version HERE.

Monday, July 10, 2006

When life gives you lemons, you go to Secaucus.

This evening I will be headed to Secaucus, NJ to speak with Joe Scarborough of MSNBC's Scarborough Country. It will air at 9pm Eastern tonight.

UPDATE: Just got back from Scarborough Country, no passport required. It was actually pretty fun. I met a lot of great people over at MSNBC and found Joe Scarborough quite easy to talk to. As I mentioned in the comment section earlier today, not sure if it will air tonight or some time later this week. Also not sure if it will be on TV, the web or both. Sounds like probably a bit of both. I'll keep you posted. One regret about the interview: when mentioning some other cool vlogs people should check out I mentioned Ninja and Tiki (which are both dope), but forgot my two FAVORITE shows, Ze's The Show and, of course, The Richard Show!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

My Replacement

Steve Garfield (from sent me this video last night. This is the funniest spoof of me ever, by far! Love it!! I hope she gets the job.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

For the Record

I am disheartened by Andrew Baron's decision to spread misinformation. He knows I cannot move to LA without a job...but insists on spinning things this way to shore up his assertion that I am "walking away" from Rocketboom. I did not walk away. I did not accept Andrew's idea of "partnership". I'll explain more a little further down.

It's not true. I'm presently living with my parents in Connecticut until I can get back on my feet.

Below you will find a letter written by Andrew on Sunday, June 25, two days after he pulled the plug on Rocketboom. My responses, which were sent to Andrew on the same day, are in red.

Andrew responded the next day by saying he would not respond to this letter. This then was followed by days of back and forth negotiations, ending yesterday, on Independence Day, with Andrew telling Chuck Olsen, our mediator, that he was taking control of the show and my option was to be the
"face" of rocketboom with no involvement beyond that
(I might in the future be allow to "produce shows", but not for the time being). Very old media. Considering I have personally written, produced, and hosted Rocketboom and was already a producer on Jet Set, this was totally unacceptable. I don't know any "partnership" that functions like that.

I had hoped to keep things civil, and thought my video message to the Rocketboom viewers was very neutral. I felt the need to communicate with the RB audience, without getting into the nitty-gritty of "he said, she said". Dirty laundry is not attractive. That said, ALL the facts, at this point, based on Andrew's actions, need to be presented.


Dear Amanda, this is my last attempt to reach out and let you know I really wish you would stay.

Andrew, you fired me.

After everything that has built up over the last several months (and longer apparently) and with everything I have learned about your disinterest in my various levels of critical input, I can understand why you would need to leave and I as I have always said, I will never hold you back.

I'm sorry you feel that way. I've repeatedly expressed my respect for your many gifts. Especially:

1. You are an exceptional executive producer. Your instincts for what will work or not, and your general vision for the creation of content and distribution for videoblogs is, I believe, unparalleled.

2. You are an exceptional speaker. Whether at conferences, in business meetings or during consulting, you excel at describing the power of Rocketboom and the medium.

3. You are an ingenious curator. Your extraction of outstanding content from all resources is, again, unparalleled.

4. You are a superb navigator of the blogosphere. Additionally, I have always entrusted you with the final decisions of the physical design of Rocketboom.

In fact, it saddens me that you have not had the time and/or willingness to significantly participate creatively in Rocketboom for some months now. We've sent you things during the production process, and what we've received back is criticism after the show has already been produced or after it is too late to make changes. Statements like "I'll continue to check my blackberry but please dont wait on me if it starts to slow you down" and "I will have my phone so I can still chime in but dont feel ever wait on me for any answers if I cant respond in time" really don't cut it.

As you know, when I gave you the 49% of Rocketboom I told you that I hoped it would work out and that the reason why I gave you that percentage was so that you would become involved enough to stay with the company.

I have always been and still am intensely involved in Rocketboom.

Since I told you so many times that I would never want to hold you back from moving on to L.A. to pursue your own thing - since you always said this was really your passion well before I met you -we agreed that you would not take the 49% if you were to move away to L.A. on your own.

That is completely incorrect. There was no agreement about forfeiture of the 49%. We together have had a detailed plan for some time in preparation for the move to LA. And please note I was moving to LA on Rocketboom business, not only to "do my own thing". You did say you would never hold me back, and you also made it clear that doing Rocketboom would not be mutually exclusive of pursuing other passions. Our plan was as follows:

5/05 Amanda told Andrew she was serious about moving to LA by 10/05. Andrew agreed and said that was completely reasonable, since current technology allows Rocketboom to be produced from anywhere.

10/05 Amanda and Mario stored their possessions, gave up their apartment and took a sublet in preparation for the move. Andrew was fully aware.

10/05-4/06 Amanda and Mario continued to sublet. The move was repeatedly delayed, long beyond the original "completely reasonable" time frame. Finally, with Andrew's consent, Rocketboom moved forward to actual transition.

4/06 A plan was implemented for Andrew and Mario to co-direct shoots, gradually transitioning Mario to be interim director. A new professional director was to be hired in LA. What actually happened was that Andrew attended shoots infrequently and by 5/06 had stopped attending altogether.

5/21/06 At this time, the term of Amanda and Mario's sublet was up. Andrew had not attended shoots for nearly a month, and there would be no Rocketboom paycheck for June. Nevertheless, production continued by Amanda and Mario at Amanda's parents' home in Connecticut.

6/16/06 Andrew, Mario and Amanda agreed upon a departure date for LA within the next couple of weeks. Within the next few days, June 30th was chosen. Andrew's assistant had a list of possible editors in LA (which was never delivered to Amanda despite numerous requests). Zadi and Steve were excited to have Amanda nearby to better co-produce Rocketboom's project, The Jet Set Show.

6/23/06 Mario received a call from Andrew in essence saying that Mario and Amanda must either move back to New York or Rocketboom was over.

Since you have claimed that you are moving next week, and because you have never suggested a plan for how this move can integrate into Rocketboom, and because you have already said your goodbye, I get the message and will now move on myself the best I can.

Andrew, see our long term and extensive plan described above.

And, as it turns out, I cannot move to LA because our plan was for me to be engaged in, and compensated for, work on Rocketboom there. Since you will no longer allow that, I have no source of income and therefore cannot move.

With regards to tomorrow's show and the future of Rocketboom, I am not sure what I will do, but you will be honored and respected and encouraged. My plan is to simply say that you are moving on to L.A. to take on the world, that this was always your dream and that you are a obviously a brilliant personality who will no doubt take it by storm.

Please do not speak for me. We've had a long standing agreement in good faith about me continuing Rocketboom from LA, which you have now reneged upon.

Should anyone react and consider the move to be a shame, I will always defend you for following your own dreams and aspirations and staying true to your own interests with acting and now producing.

Again, please do not speak for me. My dreams and aspirations included Rocketboom.

You have wanted to move to L.A. since before I met you, so I am sorry that we could not manage getting there sooner together with Rocketboom still working.

As we've both acknowledged, Rocketboom could not only work but grow stronger by having a presence on both coasts.

With all my love and support for you as a friend, I will never stop caring about you and will always look forward to seeing you bloom.

Andrew, I've said repeatedly that I think you are a genius. Still, there have been problems. Recently, you have treated me as an employee rather than a partner. That may explain your feelings about the 49%.

Business and production can and should be done from both coasts, as we have both acknowledged. To dictate where I live is unnecessary and outrageous and has resulted in the present situation.

And Andrew, our agreement stands. I do own 49% of Rocketboom.

With respect to our show, I suggest we delve into the archives and do a "best of" week. This will allow us some time to work things through.

We had an agreement, Andrew. You should honor it.

Please let me know your thoughts.




Amanda UnBoomed