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Monday, October 10, 2005

Converge South: Final Thoughts

For me, ConvergeSouth was great because I got to meet so many awesome people in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Highlights: meeting Chris Daniel, Dave Slusher, Dave Winer, Ed Cone, and Duncan Black.

My session went alright... Sue Polinsky tells me that there was a great response to it... but I wish I had been better prepared for some folks being completely unfamiliar with videoblogs... I just didn't want to do a videoblogging 101 session, but, in retrospect, maybe the medium is too young NOT to do something like that. I think people will be ready for some deeper conversations about video on the web in a year or so from now.

I was lucky to have Kevin Howarth in my session, who took some great notes.

I have posted the powerpoint slides that accompanied my presentation here.